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Spongebob’s Kahrahtay Contest 2 We we are, uh game Oh, look, guys. I’m so sorry. There’s just a little hole in the back. I’m gonna stick my finger in it, plug it up, and then we’re good to go. Just get it done, right? Whatever it takes. Live TV, right? Live TV! You know, what are you gonna do? Dale: Yeah! Here we go! Oh, here it comes! It’s a miracle! Nick: Worked just as promised, okay? Now, uh, go ahead and shut it off there, Kurt. It’s so cool. I want one. Yeah. You want you can’t have this one. It’s the only one. It’s the prototype. But we’re looking for partners to bring it to markets. Well, you know what, I’ll tell you right now. I’m sold. I want invest. We got one! All right, Mike. Now, how would I how would I get in touch with you guys? You go straight to NickhurtDale. I’m sorry, what? Dotcom. It’s our website nickkurtdale.Com. I’m positive I’m not hearing that right. It’s our names Nick, Kurt, Dale. All: NickKurtDale. Y’all y’all got to change that name. Boy, cannot believe we never said it out loud before. It looked so good on paper. Well, it was a nice dream while it lasted, but I think it’s time we all go beg for our jobs back. Maybe just accept the fact that we’ll always be cogs in the machine, you know? Wait. “Cocks in the machine” what is that? “Cogs.” “Guh.” You know what? You’re right. We’re not we’re not boss material. We’re we’re worker bees. We’re grunts. Oh, boy. That song I can’t hear that now. Just put it on vibrate. Will you stop? Please? Come on. I picked this song to inspire us. It’s not inspiring me. Ooh, look at this. Unknown caller. Can you just answer it? Hello? Yep, this is one of the shower buddy guys. Mmhmm. Really? Yes. No, of course. I know exactly who you are. Look up “Boulder stream.” “Boulder stream.” Uhhuh. Well, thank you. No, we’re very proud of the product. Yeah, if you just want to e mail us the details, that’ll be fine. Is that a real thing? Yeah, my email? Not yours. Yeah, it’s [email protected] It’s phat b all game L l game Z. @hotmail.Com. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Yeah. No. See you tomorrow.