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until game It wasn’t for lack of picking up things to eat, I just never actually then game Yeah, he just never put them in his mouth. I actually started hoarding nutrition bars to give to Jake, because I was concerned that he might not survive the shoot. So my main job as executive producer was to go craft services, get a ton of Cheetos and chocolate bars from Reva, eat %% of them and then hand the other %% to Jake, which was the only food that he would consume all day. That was the third thing, we found the third executive producer thing, there were two other ones. Yeah, I fed the director. Yeah. Yeah. And then how about this song? This little game And now we have Nat and Alex. Nat and Alex. Yeah, this is great because actually Nat game There’s a group text that we’re on, like, between the cast and us and Nat, I think it was maybe a week after he got home from filming, which was very sad, everyone cried, and said good-bye like he was going home from camp. I wept. Just game Yes, John wept. I can confirm that. Natjust wrote this song and recorded it on his iPhone and sent it to all of us, and I just thought it was so beautiful. And then we were going to figure out where all the songs were going to go. And then maybe a month ago it was game I told him that we were going to get to do it and he recorded it with his brother, Alex. And I just think it’s beautiful. It’s not only about the movie in the sense of the characters but it’s also about the experience of making the movie. Yeah. Sleeping during the daytime, waking up, doing it again at night, and how special that was for them. And I thought that was great. Yeah. I think it captures this game I really love this song and I think that it captures something about how it felt for me being on that set, being with those people in Charlotte. So it’s pretty great to have it in the movie. Yeah. And on that note game Thank you so much for coming to our DVD commentary. Thanks for watching. Yeah, and we hope that you like the movie. Don’t forget to be awesome. Sorry