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God only knows game hopefully. Do you have enough fuel? Yes, sure. How much does it cost? dinnars for one gallon. Isn’t it too expensive? What can we do? That’s the price! Well, pour one gallon. Bring it here, Ahmed. Yes, father! Damn, you scoundrel! I missed it because of you! You poured the fuel on the ground! Didn’t I pay for it? Grab the fuel, you idiot. They came game They came! Well done. Haven’t you finished? It’s ready, brother. Do you see how good my English is? Like a nightingale! Yes, yes, it’s true my brother. Life will get better, now that the Americans are here. You’ll get gasoline and oil in a tank instead of a gallon. And at home you can do nothing but eat and sleep. Come on game why are you talking to him like this? It sounds nice game I’m not happy yet. The dictator Saddam has not been brought down yet. The arabs will pull off, but they’ll plunder our oil and gasoline. It’s not as you say. Come on, come on. I’m telling you, it will slip out of our hand and get lost in front of our door. Look, can you see that scrap? They deserved even worse! Now come, and look at these cannon wreckages. See those tanks cannon. Looks as if it was gonna fire right away. Why don’t you fire now? Something’s still missing, that I cannot grab with this or the other hand. I’m ready to die soon, if Saddam gets his comeuppance. Anything he could ever go through wouldn’t be as bad as what he’s done to our village! Hurry up, go faster! It’s too late. I’ll fly now. You should have become a musician, not a Peshmerga (iraqi-kurdish activist). Aren’t you happy that I’m fighting as a Peshmerga against Saddam? They were Saddam’s troop of murderers! That’s true! Safm game Safm game Gareh. Yeah, yeah game Where are you? In zone , we should be there in an hour. Very well, understood. Fine and over. According to that sound you can tell they must be starving. Be careful game slowly. Where did he come from? What are you doing here? Go home game go home! Do you see how dark he is? So dark that you can’t see him at night. Go home! Why did you stop the car?