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Sink or swim! Take a look! Aah! Ya know, when I said “sink or swim,” I meant it metaphorically. I’m “sharkophobic.” It runs in my Game those are my friends. We’re going in. Mm. Mm. Ahh Game Aristotle! Nicole! Hang in there! I hope we’re not too late. Activate their diver suits. Okay, guys. Now you can breathe! Profiterole. You take Aristotle, and I’ll grab Nicole Game Wha’? Peter! It’s the shark! Watch out! I’ll try to stop it. Ohh Game oh! Profiterole! Help me! I’m on my way! Uh Game Get away from my friend! Why do I have a bad feeling about this? I need to borrow your brain. It’s the closest thing that I have to a Games year Games old child. No offense. So tell me, which one of Jules Verne’s stories do you want to check first? Je ne sais pas! How am I supposed to know where those kids have gone? I’m a man of science. I need facts and figures. So feed me some data. When we last saw the kids. There were at the temple of Onoffon. Okay, so let’s start with weeks in a balloon. Now we’re cookin’! Is this going to hurt? It shouldn’t. I’m at a pretty safe distance. Voila! Oh, ho, ho, ho! We’re using Pascal’s cerebrum as our projector. Fortunately, Pascal’s brain is relatively empty. Yes. There’s almost zero interference with the signal. Hmm. Nothing! Professor, are you sure this crazy thing is working properly? Sure? The only thing for sure is, I’m % positive you can never be absolutely certain! Just switch to another story, okay? Ahh Game Normalverbraucher? A flying train? Why would anyone think of using that? It’s preposterous! I agree, but since we are able to see this story on the projector, that means the kids must be somewhere later inside. Yeah, yeah. Fast forward, Professor. Voila! We have success. There they all are! I’ll slow it down to real time. Please, Nicole. Nicole, please. Talk to me! Wake up, talk to me! Aristotle! Come on, wake up! I know you wouldn’t want to miss this amazing underwater city! This is all my fault!