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The last line of the book was so powerful. I read it over and over. I remember it. Yes? Yeah. Could you say it to me in English. Come on. Okay. “It’s a far, far better thing that I do than I’ve ever done. And it’s a far, far better rest that I go to than I’ve ever known. ” He’s happy to give his life and go to death because of the good he has done. Beautiful. Whoa. To Mr. Sydney Carton, who lives in your cat. Okay. You know, I’ve lived in Santa Monica Games it’s in California, Santa Monica Games for, I don’t know, years, and I hardly ever Games go to the beach. I forget it’s even there. Yeah. I love this place. I love the feel of it. Yeah. This is different from the Pacific side. Right? Yeah. It’s different, yeah. Yes. I love the Pacific side. You showed me beautiful places. Yeah. This is different. I don’t know. It’s just Games I don’t even know the American word for it. “Chill. ” I think “chill” is the American word you’re looking for. Yeah, you’re right. Chill. That’s it. Yeah. Chill. Look at this. Yeah, it’s from the reef. It’s right here. Yeah. Chill. Enjoy your life. To the best day of your life. I’ll drink to that. Pura vida. “Dear Juan, I truly am sorry to have done this to you, to have done this to myself while I’m with you. You really did show me the best week of my life. But unfortunately Games I’d already screwed up the rest of it beforehand. ” Do you wanna dance? Come on! You better, Jane. Come on, walk with the music. I don’t want to. I think it’s just too advanced for me. Okay, okay. Are you Games No, no. Come with me. Okay. Here. You’re okay? Yeah. Are you sure? Yeah. I want to Games I want to try. Okay. Life is short, right? Yes, it is. Pura vida. Wait. Gracias. I got it. Okay. No, I have Games I have a lighter. Let me see it. I’ve never seen one before. Oh. Me first? Stop. Esta bien. Cough it out. Cough it out. No. What’d I do wrong? No, no, no. It’s Games You must do it slower, you know? Okay. Okay. Slower, you know? Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. Out. Okay, okay. Slow. Pura vida, my Games Oh, no, you have to Games Shh! Okay, okay. Okay! Shh! Yeah, yeah, feel free. Don’t, no, no, in, in. Stop. Stop. Good. Out, out, out. As soon as you can. Yes, take it out. Okay, okay. No more. Okay. Not many Games Wow. The moon is glowing. Just glowing and glowing and glowing and glowing and glowing. It’s really amazing. It is. You feel okay? Uh, funny. Yeah, I don’t know. Why? Do I sound weird? No. No, no, no. Your voice sounds like Games Good. Well, I can tell you, I don’t even feel like a pathetic librarian anymore, but Games I don’t really feel like myself either. That’s good. When were you ever pathetic? You’re not pathetic. Yes. Yes, yes. Yes, I was pathetic too. No, you’re not. Okay, I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna tell you. I’m gonna tell you why now. I am pathetic when I read the dictionary to find big words to use to impress American women. Yeah, to look smart. What, you’re up to the letter “C”? Okay. Oh, oh! Enough, enough, enough! It’s gonna ruin my day too! No. Just remember this. You’re a good man, Juan, and you’re a really good father to Anna. So whatever you do, just promise me this. Just promise me that you’ll remember that I had the best, best week of my entire life Games with you. Okay? Promise? Your lips are like little pillows. Okay, I’m sorry. We don’t Games No, I, uh Games I’ve not done this in a long time. Jane? Jane. Jane? Jane! Jane! Jane! Are you Games sunbathing? Yeah. Are you okay? Yeah. You’re in your underwear, Juan. Yeah. Well, yeah. And you? You’re okay? Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. You wanna go swimming? It’s nice. Yeah. Yeah. Well Games you should put your bathing suit on. Yeah. Okay. Okay. I’m gonna grab one. Everything’s okay? Everything’s great. Okay, okay. Yeah, oh Games Juan. Pura vida. Pura vida, Jane. Pura vida. I traveled here to do a little living before I died. I guess I did a little too much living. Okay! I have accessed the creature. You have choos-pah. Eee-my! Anna Games Papi! Shh! Wait, wait. Come on, go now. Anna! Jane.