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and rest. If there are complications, it can cause respiratory problems. It’s serious, Yann! If it gets worse, inject yourself with S. It’ll be in the first aid kit. OK, thanks. Take this. She said it’s serious. Not just fatigue. It’s nothing! The doctor wanted me to sleep and eat. I slept, I ate! Everything’s fine now. I promise! No joking! It’s not a freak incident. Take care of yourself! You’re the motor. Yes, my love. The motor’s running game Fine. Gotta go. I have work. Love you. rd Day Near Antarctica Yann th Feeling better? What’s this anemia story? His initial work up was normal. He has no history. If he’s eating, he should be fine. He says he’s better, just sudden fatigue. He’s OK. He didn’t say anything else? No. He looks good. You were so bad, I sent your info to the doctor. You sent what? Blood pressure, heart rate game I sent it by satellite! The doctor said you have anemia. Understand? It can cause complications. You said it was me? No. I acted. Ah, I’m sick game I know my illness. It’s the Ndoum. No! Your illness is anemia! Why don’t you believe me? It’s the Ndoum! OK. Take the meds. They’re good for treating the Ndoum. There’s not much left. What a jerk. What’s up? Not getting my emails? I’m still ahead. Some people have nerve! Move your ass, if you’re playing in the big league. And you’d better keep an eye on Paoli, he’s on your tail! No worries! I can handle him! Hey! Come see. Have you ever seen an iceberg? See? Go below! th Day Rounding Cape Horn Yann th The legend! Cape Horn! A toast to Cape Horn. Go on! That was my Cape Horn solo! Solo with two! CAPE HORN days at sea It’s good! You’re fourth behind Raphael Keriou’s Initiatives Cœur, and Angel Paoli’s Soda Stream, and Denis Juhel’s Sushi Shop, who’s leading. Everything’s going well! The game’s not over yet. The weather situation’s erratic. It can still change. You’ve made good decisions. You can still win? If just saying it were enough! You look good with a smile. Really? The hardest part’s done. Let’s not get carried away! I’m still far from