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Excuse me, what did you say? Stand from under! Animal footprints! Footprints! Or maybe this is not tiger trail? Whose? Man ‘? Or maybe it Radios Do not play the fool! Who gave you permission release at night tigers, as well! Why? Let him say why. Yes, fellow sailors, I do it. Every night. Tigers need to walk, so there was rickets. And at night I graze them. Anyway, I have insomnia. That’s all. All? No not all! If you have just let them out, Radios Then I’ll put you in a box which stores the anchor chain. Give handler sedative, that he slept at night. And you, Oleg, strict reprimand to be placed in a private matter. The ship grazed the tigers! Jungle lit what! Comrade Captain Radios I am ready to suffer the punishment. Put me, please under arrest. Only until Odessa. Where to sit? Why, Prince! Well when I tame you to order! Let me wipe his lips. Do not talk, not argue, slut. Take a spoon, take a spoon. Well, with his hands. Here. There. Done! Now carefully. And, after all, you eat like a pig. Well, now I have it poplyashet! What are you up to two considered not know how? It’s been one knock strangers. Well, sleep, sleep. [Snoring tamer] Uh-huh. [Snoring tamer] [Snoring tamer] Ah So Radios It has begun! Five. Six. Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. Everything in place! Mystery! [Playing fun-rhythmic music] Hm-m-m! Comrade barmaid, so good to a vertical position. Ah-ah! Oops! This I did not expect even from a woman. Keep your distance. It was not me, it is pitching. Tell me why you do it? Therefore I you can not stand. Knight! [Laughs] You can throw me overboard like monkeys. Because you can! Oh, the sea monster! Let! Ay! Marishka Come out on penalties work. Comrade Captain Radios We have a delegation from the team. As regards the barmaid. We want it Radios take her on bail. No way! It is just fun. But what her for it to hang from the yardarm! Throw the prisoner of his head. Ah-ah! Departs? None of your business! But because you involuntarily I could suffer. “Padua I, arrow pierced” Il fly past it. “Like a fleeting vision.