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Steampack Time And a nice touch, having the party in the mortuary. Yeah. Yeah. Well, come on. Let’s go in and check it out. Hey, baby If you’re all alone Baby, you could let me Walk you home Let’s dance Let’s dance We’ll do the shake, doowop Let’s do the samba too Any ol’ thing That you wanna do Honey, please. I couldn’t help but notice, but you got some bigass mother in’ titties, and I was just wondering if a phone number were Look here. I don’t give my telephone number to no titty freak. A titty freak? I ain’t no titty freak! I’m a young, black, rising entrepreneur, and I just so happen to own part of this mortuary. What you got to say? LAUGHS POLITELY . LARRY You are the most beautiful girl I am ever dancing with. I thought you said you were blind. No, I am just trying to learn English. Hey, baby Got that swingin’ right Yes, I know That this is the night Let’s dance Let’s dance Because the twist is on… Mary, can I ask you something? Sure, Sam. What is it? Well, when we, uh, you know, ed, did you do it just to make Dr. Truscott jealous? Yes. But, Sam, I fixed your car for you because I liked you. And I didn’t think of Dr. Truscott when we, uh… You know. I know. BANGING & CRASHING Hold that kiss. ELECTRICITY WHIZZING Dickson, what’s going on? I’m having a hard time keeping them on their feet. POP I don’t care if they’re kneeling. The crowd on the other side of that curtain represents our future. Standing or kneeling, they’ve gotta be ready in minutes. Don’t worry, they’ll play fine. POP Oh, Dickson! SONG ENDS Okay, quiet, everybody. Quiet, please. I have an announcement to make. PEOPLE SHUSHING Radio Werewolf is splitting up. CROWD Oh, no. This will be their last historic performance. And we know it’s gonna be a concert to remember. This is a boss party you threw for your boy Barney. Benny. So, what’s your racket, anyway? I buy, I sell. What about you? On parole, I’m doing years at Vacaville for a triple homicide and some burglary. I could use a man like you. Give me a call tomorrow. We’ll have lunch. Great.