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Stickman sports I’ll show you where. Can you close the door? I’ll take her. Take off your hat. Your mittens are soaked. That’s a pretty plant. How about some tea and cake? Sure. Here’s some for you. It’s wonderful. Thanks. You baked it? Yes. In that case, I’d like your opinion because I deal in Belgian chocolate. Only big firms and hotels buy it; Czechs aren’t interested at all. They bake their sweet buns and don’t want Belgian chocolate. I’d like to know what you think of it. Belgian chocolate is % cocoa, almost no additives. It has a rich, luxurious, refined taste. It melts on your tongue. Let me choose one for you Game Mint. Give me your hand. Taste it, don’t talk, close your eyes Game It’s really good. Do I know you through Roman? I wouldn’t have put it like that, but you could say so. I really admire you. Me? For what? How you’re fighting. You’re so brave. I’m sorry, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. When’s daddy coming? Roman doesn’t want to hurt you, and neither do I. I accepted things as they came but then Natalka was born. When she was young it wasn’t such a problem, but now she understands everything. He’ll kill me when he finds out I was here. Please understand. Will you try? Yeah Game I want nothing for myself. I’m doing this for my girl. It’s like this: I just want Roman to spend Christmas with us. The holidays, okay? At least while Natalka is young. We made a tape for daddy: Daddy, be with us for Christmas. He was my gynecologist; he still is. Auntie, are you real sick? Me? Daddy said you’ll die if he doesn’t take care of you. That’s why he lives with you and not with us. What disease did he invent for me? Multiple sclerosis. Please, mommy. Let’s go, we’ll wait for him at home. Come on; don’t cry. It’s Tuesday, so daddy’s coming. Please, mommy. Come on. She’s fine. Auntie Anna is fine. Hi. Do I smell cigarettes? Was Vanda here? I can’t believe you put up with Vanda’s smoking. She should give it up for your sake at least. Something wrong? I’m just tired. When did she leave? I don’t know. I hope you didn’t smoke.