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Stitch Master Of Disguise still has his potential. But he can also be used in the ministry, because of his influence. Like what happened to me in my last fight. I prayed. I believed % game game that I would win, I prayed. But what happened to me? You saw the result. But I was not sad. Because what is important to me is my relationship with God. Before I could not resist the devil game When sexy ladies would pass game My eyes would follow them game But now that I have a strong spirit. I feed my spirit, I am blind to other women. But the only and most beautiful woman that I keep my eyes on is my wife. I’m happy people look up to him. Being a Bible Ambassador is something that I can be proud of him forever. But the most important thing is that he can encourage people to read the Bible, to be a good leader for the country game A good public servant, yeah. What difference can I make? What gives life meaning? I came from nowhere, and now I am everywhere. But we are all just men. We are imperfect. I’m still learning what God’s plan is for me. Boxing gives people power and hope. Boxing has given me my voice. But why do I box? Why do I fight? Is it my true purpose? I know what I am. I’m a fighter. Whatever life brings me, whatever arena I enter, I will always be, a fighter.