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Stranded Bainbridge Game who tried to build a machine works out near Delano. Bainbridge ends up in bankruptcy court Game and the state winds up with the land. And guess who they hire to seal the place up. Aw, you’re in’ kiddin’ me. No. I’m not the kidding type. Carl Rudolph Stargher. Games Where’s the land? Games Exit , off highway . Games We’re on our way now. Games Got it. I know where that is. Help! Help me! This is the area. My world Game my rules. Help! Do it. It’s not real. Me got boy. Boy me got. You cannot kill me. It’s OK. Save me. You can stay here with me. Here! It’s OK. It’s OK. It’s OK. You’ve gotto back away. Scoot back. Back away! Back up from here. Back Games it’s OK. Are you OK? You OK? You’re OK. Agent Ramsey? Yeah, Ramsey. She’s here. OK, let her through. Somebody outside for you. What is she doing here? Said he wanted to see his home. It’s pretty strange. She’s keeping his dog, Peter. I’d say pretty ing strange is par for the course. I almost didn’t recognize you. How long do you getto be a civilian? A couple weeks Game till after the inquiry and see what happens. Ramsey told me you were thinking of Game What do you call that thing? Games Reversal? Games Reversal. With that kid you were working with? Games Yeah. Edward. Games Edward. Are you sure you want to do that? Absolutely. You’re not worried about what might happen? I would never do anything to hurt Edward. It wasn’t him I was worried about. What about you? How are you? I’m not sure. I Game I remember pieces of everything. According to the FBl Game you guys put me on some drug Gamesfueled mind Gamesbenderfirst Game then triggered a memory I already had Game and officially we found Julia Hickson Game through good old Gamesfashioned detective work. I guess this is hello and good Gamesbye, then. I guess so. Thanks for everything, Catherine. Games Be safe. Games All right.