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Strong Armor Cupid As long as we’re alive, never give up! Then if you’re captured, what’s your motto? Well? Tell me! What’s your motto? Guard, right here. You! Talk or die! Good. Silence is your motto. Remember it. Go. My troops are ready. I wish you luck on your mission, seamen. Very good. Very good. If you fight as fiercely against the pirates as you have game Against the city policemen, then you’re bound to win. Yes, sir! We built five ships. Why are there only three? Pirates have sabotaged them, sir. Well, the upper hand here would certainly seem to belong to the pirates. Three ships will be too crowded. A little overcrowding won’t stop us from catching those pirates. Why game if you find any. Forward! Right turn! Forward march! Get the hoses, quickly! Go! Two ships are on fire! Get water! Get water! Men, move! Pirates! Oh, my God! Oh, I wouldn’t worry about it. I’ll arrange for a ship to take you to Vietnam. Right now, I’ve got some business. Chan ho, you’re safe right here. I will make sure you’re protected. Thanks to your information, the Navy won’t be going to sea now. We blew up both their ships. Well, they’re really better off this way. Had you blown them up at sea, they would have had to swim for home. Thanks to you, they got dry feet. Don’t mention it, my friend. All my ships make it to Hong Kong. Lo Sam Pao protects my interests here, and I appreciate that. Glad to hear it. Sam Pao would like to ask a small favor. Some rifles, of them. As soon as you can. They’re police rifles. We’ll try. You’ll do it! We’ll do it. We’re counting on you. Hey. Good day. But, uh, chief, that’s a police rifle. Where can we get ? A tall order for us, but we’ll handle it. We’ll need a little help. What about chan ho? No. Someone special. Captain Tze. The police? But how, chief? Don’t worry about it. He owes us quite a few favors. Sir, I have a new plan which I call project “a” that will catch the pirates. It’s perfect. But, of course, we’ll need a few ships. I’d rather talk about this later. Oh, but sir, it’s a new strategy. Will you shut up!