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Yes, you can judge for yourself, friends. What to eat him, when it comes to an end and horseflesh, Radios And beef, and fish oil. So he ate the man. Well, this is the moment when it has no other products. And how you were not afraid? Tamed. That, believe it friends or not, Radios Personally I have tamed [“Supermarket” clap] Tiger, he is very, well, just very Radios Radios Predation throughout his life. Sorry. What happened, Daddy? I am no longer your uncle! Now I know who does all the ugliness on the ship. Uncle, I did nothing! You did not do anything? I’m not talking to you, and with his uncle. I am no longer your uncle! I did nothing! And who ransacked in the cabin Oleg? Do not you? ” Not me! Then who?! Tell me who, who! Do not know! Stand from under! Let me go! Pah! Let me go, damn! Pah! Here’s your prize from the company! Immediately catch and drown! Monkey on a vessel worse dynamite. Where’s coach? Comrade tamer, come here. Comrade tamer, catch her. Who? Macacu! Monkeys do not do. I let the tiger lion, leopard, this Radios. In the extreme case I can take on a crocodile Radios But no Macacu. Sorry! Sorry! Well, comrades, will catch an orderly manner. On system half the team Radios Radios With the senior assistant attending starboard. I’m going to left side. Open the two hatch! Yes! Thus, strategically Radios Radios It is inevitable fall through the hatch into the hold. The boatswain and cook, ready in the hold with a tarpaulin. And as soon as the macaque fall into the hold on the bales, Radios You whack it. True? Okay? Clear! Come on! There she is! Look in my vest. Catch! Catch, catch! Hold it! Hold! There she is! Look! Here! Here! Ah Caught! Caught! Hey, all! Already caught! Now do not run away. Now, not run! Quiet! Silence there! Come the captain he’ll show like nuts in the soup to pour. Ah-ah! And this is why do we catch? Stirring. Go! Carefully, carefully! Quiet, you! Now, quiet! Comrade Captain, it’s you! ” Ah-ah! There you are! Gift company. You know that you were ordered to drown?