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until the point where we invent tools, technology. We suddenly get the capacity to adapt our surroundings to life. So we now no longer have to suffice with a cave we can find or a tree we can climb into. We can actually build our own cave, and we can build our own tree house. The moment where we really became human was the moment where we got this power. It’s also a mindset somehow. It’s believing that anything is possible if you have the right tools in front of you. Sometimes we don’t have an opportunity to just be free, and everything that we have inside of us, we never have an opportunity to let it out. And we’re always looking for something to inspire us or to just give us some joy. Being able to take your dreams and take your thoughts and materialize into something, it’s just a wonderful gift, and I think the LEGO brick has given that to the world. TIRE SCREECHING In Idaho, Jonathan and Matt are nearly finished editing their masterpiece, Melting Point. The X-Wing has landed permanently in Frankfurt Germany. In Copenhagen, Soren is still trying to figure out just how infinite the possibilities are. And in the Czech Republic, Stephen’s Curiosity Rover is finally rolling off the assembly line. Oh wow, that’s a lot of rovers. Awesome. That’s really nice-looking box art. Oh, yeah, that’s the great thing about Cuusoo sets, they have the best boxes. Oh, there I am. It’s me. There you are. “It’s my hope that this model encourages the public support that is integral to the continued development and exploration of outer space.” Yeah. I’m glad Stephen mentioned space. Didn’t we start this film out there? I promised we’d explain that, and seeing how this is the end of the movie, now is the time. For that story, we go to Pasadena, California, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratories, or JPL for short. SCOTT: As engineers and scientists are developing space craft ideas and missions to go out and explore and learn about the universe, we sometimes use LEGOs to kinda put together a concept and see if it makes sense. So there’s a room here at