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Strong Biochemical CrisisI game I do not know. At the moment, the impression is being lost. Just do bull. I’m not recognize me. It may not look it, but I’ve been in the same situation. I though suspected. Really? It is. With me, it was because of a woman. Oh, a woman? It all started in the detention center. And now surpassed a limit I should not. I Got You. Samba, we end up with misunderstandings already. I also admire you greatly, but game I think I’m not prepared to do this. I prefer to keep a distance between us, for now. Yes game But actually game No, I game was not talking about you. Yes, sorry, because it’s true game But it was my friend Jonas. He asked me to go find his girlfriend. It’s called Gracieuse. I won massages and all. And out of line. Got it, okay. Excuse Me. Sorry, I said the wrong way. But I admire you so much, I also. I said “woman” and should have game The belt. I love you, really. There’s this game her perfume and all game I like. Sure. But really, I admire you very much. Enough. No, but it’s true. In years, I went through many NGOs. And you’re right game special. Special? Sim. It is not law student, does not use piercings, have less than years. I think. Thank you. What happened to you? What are you doing here, with a guy like me at am? Do not want to tell? It must be pretty serious. Eu tive um “burn out”. A what? Um burn out. It is when you work hours a day no recognition. As a slave. As you work? I worked game That is, work a large contracting company the agrifood industry. years ago. In years, I was transformed. I was in a whirlwind. Make money, advance at any cost. Under pressure every day. I started to sleep no more. Confuse everything, my life, my work. I created a vacuum around me. No friends, no companion. Suddenly, I found myself on the other side. I lost track of everything. Blast. Exploded, but how? During a meeting, a colleague wanted to use the phone while I was talking. What happened? It’s hard to tell. Never mind, count. I picked up the phone and broke in his head. At this point? I tore part of his hair.