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Strong Mutant Ninja Turtles We don’t have a license. Yeah? Does he know you got it? Yeah. He does? Does he know you got the car? Well, not exactly. You being bad girls? But it is our dad’s game You being bad girls? Where are you coming from? New Jersey. Yeah? Got any drugs in the car? No. No. No drugs? No. Of course not. Where were you tonight? We were at the Kat Club. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah. We were at the Kat Club. Big deal. I should take you in for driving without a license and registration. You know that, don’t you? That’s a serious thing. Have to call your father up. How do you feel about that? Don’t do that. Yeah? What were you girls doing at the, what was it, the Kit Kat Club? Get a little stoned there? Come on. I’m not going to game I’ll do the right thing if you do the right thing. I know what it’s like to get stoned a little bit, to get high a little bit. You’re getting stoned there? Have any grass there? Coke? We smoked a little grass. Yeah? How would your father feel if he knew you were here now? You won’t tell him. Well, that depends. What do you think about that? A couple of very beautiful girls, you know that? Come on. Give us a break. Couldn’t you just give us a warning for the taillight and let us go home? Well, you know something? Two such beautiful girls like you, I could give you a warning. You want a warning? Well, here’s the warning. You do something for me, and I’ll do something for you. What do you say about that? You do something for me, and your father won’t find out you took his car and you’re driving without a license. You got a boyfriend? You got a boyfriend? No. You don’t? I’ll tell you something right now. Now listen up to me, okay? I’m going to take you down to the precinct house and call your father. You hear me? You hear me? You can’t do that. What will you do for me if I don’t do that? Whatever you say. Yeah? You can’t call our father. You ever suck a guy’s ? Did you? Look at me. You game You ever suck a guy’s ? Hey. I’m talking to you. You ever suck a guy’s ? Are you serious? Did you? Did you? Well, yeah. So?