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something says you’re not sure. “You must be careful. ” For “Lara’s Theme” Game Game he wanted it to be a theme of universal love. That’s why I had to present him. or themes before obtaining. Game his agreement. For the first, he said, “No, I think you can do better. ” I thought it worked very well. The second was too slow, the third was too sad. Finally he said, Games Something that enlightened me Games “I want the theme to be universal. “A love theme that has nothing to do with Russia. ” It’s not at all Russian. I said I would orchestrate it in a Russian style. That’s why I thought of a little balalaika group Game Game because the balalaika is a typically Russian instrument. It gives the impression. Game of something that comes from the heart Game Game and transports you, like a kind of wind Game I am pursued by the music of “Doctor Zhivago”. It’s after me! I can’t stand hearing it. When I was shooting “Doctor Zhivago” Game we had no music. And Maurice’s “Lara’s Theme”, which was hugely successful Game was fine, but it was sentimental. As my acting was fairly sentimental. Games I’m fairly sentimental by nature Game Game like all people from the East Games Game it meant that when I saw the film Game when I saw my close Games ups plus the music Game I thought it was too much. I thought I had exaggerated. Game my romantic expression. It wasn’t written. Maybe it was written somewhere. Game but I wasn’t sure about the decision that I’d taken. I had lots of suspicions. I wondered if I had. Game amassed enough musical science to be able Game Game one day, to conduct an orchestra. Game and live from this work. Despite all the awards I won, like the Oscars Game Game the years I spent with Jean Vilar Game when he was director of the “Théâtre National Populaire” Game was the best period in my professional life. The play that Jean Vilar chose for the Avignon Festival. was “Lorenzaccio”. Jean Vilar said to me Game “I’d like it to have funerary music.