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turn around slowly and face me. What are you doing? No police, Mr. Shotgun. me. I’d rather not. So how are we doing? The suit’s a bit tight. He must’ve been kind of short, your diver. Don’t insult Eto. Clock’s ticking. So you can see. Thank you. Attach this to the bag, tug twice. You have eight minutes. In nine minutes, your lady friend will be dead. Okay? Don’t be late. Give me seconds to clear out of the way before you pull it up. Oh, Mr. Taylor. Be careful. So, what are we doing here? Shut up. I see it in your eyes, you’re not a killer. You can’t see in my eyes except my eyes. Look, tonight’s been hard on all of us game game except Xander quite often has me do a lot more to distract people. A lot more. So it may have been difficult for you people game game except for me, it’s kind of been a breeze. So you’re just a hooker? I’m so hurt. If you’re gonna shoot me, shoot me. Kay. . [couemwe] I can tell you’re in pretty rough shape. Why don’t you just come on out game game and we’ll– And we’ll work this out. Xander, a speedboat’s approaching the dock. It’s two police officers. What should I do? Be normal. Tell them you’re fishing. Agree to pay the fine. And be quick. [SIREN WAILS] Good morning, officers. What can I do for you? You haven’t seen the park ranger, have you? No, I just got on the island a couple minutes ago. Been doing some late-night fishing. Is it season already? I don’t think it’s– Uh, no, okay, you caught me. I just– I wanted to get a head start. I’ll pay the fine. Ma’am, we got a report of a loud noise coming from the island. We tried to reach the ranger but couldn’t get through. I don’t know. I haven’t seen anybody yet. CLAY: Hey! Shoot her! Shoot her! Shoot her! What the hell? yourself. CLAY: Shoot her! [BOTH GRUNTING] . Kayla, meet me at the pickup site. I’ve got the package. Be convincing. Sounds good. I, uh, took care of our friend. Let’s get out of here. Very nice. Good. Good work. Oh. I’m not done yet. This is a Magpul ACR. It works after being submerged in water hours,