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Do you really want us to answer that? Games What’s the matter with that child? She used to be on my side. Now suddenly she’s the opposition. Well, what did you expect? You always end up in the same situation. There was the painter who didn’t paint ’cause he couldn’t find the right subject and when he finally found it years later, it turned out to be stripes. Lines! Games Lines, stripes, what’s the difference? Before that, there was the actor who sucked you dry for two whole years. That’s not true! I got a lot out ofthat relationship. Yeah, herpes Game He was a mental case. Games No, he was a god! He was the only man who, during oral Game Games Please! I don’t want to hear it. Come on, Judith. Listen to me. Aren’t you getting a little old for this sort ofthing? Mum and Dad split up years ago. But whenever Mum is down in the dumps, Dad comes and helps her. In his own way. Before I came along, Dad was married to Marlies and little Anna was their daughter. So she’s my half Games sister. Marlies was Mum’s best friend. It looks cozy, but looks can be deceiving. Because Marlies is terminally ill, and Dad is cheating on her with Mum. Act Two, two months later. Marlies is dead and Dad has started drinking. Mum already looked after Anna a lot, but now she was doing it allthe time. Dad is a broken man. He can’t look at Anna without saying. “She looks so much like Marlies. ” Act Three. Dad doesn’t feel able to bring little Anna up, so he lets her choose between him and Mum. And Mum becomes Anna’s guardian. Mum hoped that my arrival would sort everything out. It didn’t. Years later. Dad has a serious alcohol problem and Mum has an affair. Judith! Dad does his best to win Mum back. Go to bed, Nick! In his own way. And he keeps trying. Awoman ofyour age doesn’t need that bullshit. Can’t you put it all behind you? Throwing Bob out ofthe house was a good thing, it was. Yes Game Yes, maybe you’re right. I mean, I’ve got a fantastic house, wonderful children. I’m successful,