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Nothing. Do you want to get in more trouble? No! I’m not going to get in trouble because my Mom can’t trace this. Why, because it’s from a time before call tracing was invented? Where did you get this thing? I never Miss Cunningham gave it to me. Miss Cunningham? Why? So I could talk to my boyfriend. Why would Miss Cunningham care about you and Bobby? I don’t know. Maybe she has the hots for him. You can’t even buy these anymore. She must be like three times your age. Oh, Gosh! You know, well, she does use adult diapers. What is that? I don’t know. Miss Berwitt. It’s for you. Wow! Please save the date. Future Elite Party? Wow! Hey! OK, OK. That’s sounds really pretentious. You’re just jealous. Yeah. We clearly established that I’m not jealous. I didn’t get one. Well, clearly you’re not as special as I am. Oh, OK. I mean, gold envelope. OK, gold. Yeah, here. Catch it. Work on those reflexes, Elite. Oh, OK. OK. Miss Elite. Yes, Bridgette? Do you have another copy of my book? I think I left mine in my room.