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Claudia, can you get that? It’s a student. Okay. How much money can you lend me? Why? I’m going to Berlin. Berlin? Are you crazy? What’s this all about? Hello? Come in, Molinari. That’s my daughter, she’s your age. She’s cute. Have seat. Okay. Thanks. You’re probably wondering why I invited you. Okay, a little. The things you told me at school the other day are the same things my wife said when she left. With the yuppie? Yes. I ruined the last years of her life, I’m a loser. And she loathes the jackets I love so much. I didn’t really think those things. Yes, you did. You did. So did she. Let’s talk about Romanticism. Okay game Romanticism is a cultural orientation that comes from the English word: “Romantic” which was used in the th century to refer to game in a bad way game I’d even say derogatory. Yes game the chivalric adventures in the old “romances”. Nice. It’s ing luck. I mean game luck. I studied it yesterday. See, it’s people like you who piss me off. You could get an A using half your brain. But you don’t study, you blow it off, hang out with your pals game And get a C at the exam. A C+ if you’re lucky. ing lucky. But game If I wasn’t this ing lucky game ! Bye, we’re going out. Bye, girls. Bye. I’m sorry. A little glue and it’s brand new again. Almost new. Are you sure Stefan can put you up? We always write. He’s still head over heels. He said Berlin is full of opportunities for us. He also says they’ll knock the wall down. Just to get you in bed! Even so! I got something for you. It’s our favourite compilation tape. I can’t believe it. Dire Straits, The Cure, Vasco Rossi. But most of all, “Save A Prayer” live. The stadium, June , . How could I forget? The lights go down, Simon starts singing game We’re holding lighters like idiots! Thanks. Good luck with your exams. Bring me back a piece of the wall. You will be back, won’t you? I’m coming! What’s wrong? We’re supposed to study. When? I’ve got Martinelli soon, let me in. Simona’s here and we’re not studying. Sorry. Let me know how it goes, bye.