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Such plasma should get our album! A hundred francs was a lot of money. I earned francs a month. I lost the bet, obviously. But who cares about that. This was the best investment I ever did. I had seen Ernst. I had noticed that sitting at the table. There were many there and I inoun still dazed by unharmed. Then I realized that the Robi was everywhere. Everybody knew him, He was the star of the Circle. I thought I would have no chance. I could not get close to him just like that. Ernst. Take my pipe. Mr. Ostertag. Mr. Ostertag. Meanwhile I read Camus. Impressive. Modern. Amazing book. However, I advise you not to use. Once certified will be different. I just wanted to know. Thanks. By the way, last Saturday I was bowling. Can I count on you so. Yes. And you me. Thanks. The Sunday evening was the Circle second meeting. And I was invited and I thought that if Robi will be there, I will go twice. I went a little late and they were all already there. There was only one chair empty and it was away from Robi. I thought, do something to attract his attention. I tried to start a conversation and noticed that he listened. The only thing I could do It was to invite the whole group My home next Sunday. They came all apart from Robi. He did not come. My plan failed. I did not go because My uncle from Germany He called me and said, that came to Zurich. So my sister and I had To accompany our relatives. I could not apologize by Ernst because I did not know his name or the left. Fortunately, someone knew working the Robi. Robert, you can start cleaning. Make the floor. I think we have a customer. Really? Good evening. Good evening. I would like to mow. Gladly. Good evening. Good evening. To do as I want? I knew that my boss who also was from Germany He says bad things about me to the authorities. He told me not to give citizenship because I am curious person. Where are we going; It is surprising. Nobody has ever gotten from work Games Do not worry, no one will bite. Hi to all. Hello. Hello. What kind of child we have here?