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is. Has its little secrets it never tells. Ryan. Ryan! Hey! Come meet Virginia. Hey. Hey, how you doing? Good. Who’s this? This is my friend, Jackie. This is Virginia, this is my friend Cowboy’s girl. Taught me everything I know about traveling. And who’s this? This is Henry. Aw, that one over there, that’s mine.That one?Yeah. She’s beautiful. I remember these days. Changes everything. Ah, yeah, I’d a done it years earlier if I’d known how much fun it was. Right. Ginny, you hear from him yet? He worries. Cowboy took you under his wing, remember? Little -year-old crustpunk runaway messed up in all sorts of no-good nonsense. Mm-hm. Took care of you. He can take care of himself. Betcha he calls tonight. Yep. Jackie! Jackie, is that you? Oh, Doc. Man, you’re a sight. Come here, girl! Oh, it’s good to see you. Good to see you. This is Ryan. Hey, Ryan. Hey. How’s everything going this year? Ah, I’ll tell you later. Come on. What’s going on? Come on.What are we doing?Now come on. No, no, no. Oh, Doc, no. Yeah, yeah. Come on, let’s go. Yeah! They love it. Folks, hey, folks, how about they do something with a little gal who was born and bred games right here in Ogden games who’s very first time on stage was at this festival games our own games Jackie Laurel! Proud to have you back, hon. Thank you. How are ya’ll doin’ tonight? Good! I’m gonna sing you something that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, an old-time number. Because I don’t know about you, but I been seein’ a lot of people I know, good people games smart people, hard-workin’ people games havin’ to make different kinds of choices these days. Tough choices games The kinda choices you make when you don’t feel you have much to choose from. Lia, come on, come on. I’m gonna have my daughter sing this song with me games because she has the voice of an angel and she knows this one. Come on, come on. What is it, Mom? You’re gonna know it when they start playing. Please sing this with me. Okay. Okay. Two, three, four games She always been able to do that? I love you so much, sweetie.