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Super Backyardigans Halloween 2 I see. So his marriage has also been fixed. Wow! When his wife comes home game game you can help her exercise as well. Have you planned to be on their wedding welcome committee? Hi, Mili. Hi, Vikram! Where’s dad? He’s gone downstairs, I am talking to my mom. Manju, Vikram. Vikram, Manju. Hello, ma’am. Vikram Singh Rathore. Hello. Nice to meet you too. I have to go look for dad, so game hope to see you soon. Bye. Bye, Mili. Bye, Vikram. You love him! No, I don’t. Okay, bye. I have to go. Sir. Prince. Sir. Tomorrow at pm. Yes, sir. And yes, bring Dr. Mili along. I’ve got a stiff neck. Don’t come without her. Sir? Hi, Vikram. Hello, Mili. Yes, Viku. Your fan club is growing. What? I mean Suraj Maan Singh’s called me for a meeting in the morning. And he’s insisted that you come along too game game as he’s got a stiff neck. Oh game are you feeling jealous? I don’t have those old age problems. So, do you have one of those youngster’s problems? Like deceptive appearances game Thanks. Tomorrow morning at am. Is Suraj Maan Singh selling his house? Yes. I don’t want to see him like this. That’s how business is done. It’s not like with you doctors. Noble, selfless. Who said doctors are selfless? The only difference is, we only benefit game game when our patients benefit. I don’t know whether it was a good idea game game to come here and surprise Mili. At someone else’s home. Manju! She’s our daughter. We can surprise her whenever we want. And we aren’t here to cause them any inconvenience. We’re staying at a hotel, and also paying for it. We’re not staying with them. This girl I tell you game I’ve tried calling her times, but game game I wonder where she’s disappeared to without her phone. This must be an antique. Hello. I am Nirmala Devi Rathore. Are you Dr. Chakravarty’s parents? Yes. I am Pratik, Mili’s father. And she’s Manju, her mother. Hello. Take a seat. Sorry. Actually, we came here to surprise Mili. But we were shocked instead. The girl’s missing! You’ve maintained the house quite well. Thank you. But Mili game