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Ready, lift. Second Floor Conference Room Giant Unknown Creature Crisis Management Headquarters I’m Rando Yaguchi. We’ll operate as a flat organization. Forget about titles and seniority. Speak freely here. That’s it. I’m nominally in charge, but we’re a crack team of Radio lone wolves, nerds Radio troublemakers, outcasts Radio academic heretics and generalpains-in-the-bureaucracy. So do your thing. Mori, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Bureaucrat Here are the basic specs. Find out what you can. Is this all? Yup. We have to fill in the blanks. If you have info, please share it. Yesterday’s “council of experts” Radio were too baffled to conclude anything. Hazama, Johoku University biologist I put together a simple profile. It’s shown us configurations. More mutations coming. There’s more? Yasuda, Basic Research Promotion Division Chief We’re analyzing a sample of its body fluid at our lab. Pass some to me.I’ll get outside help. The U.S. took all the remaining samples. Sodehara, Joint Task Force Lt. Director General On-site remains are being burned due to stench. Komatsubara, Foreign Policy Director Under American pressure, I hear. Then we leave the analysis to you. And from Behavioral Biology? Behaviorally, it just seems to move. Can’t determine intellect. I think communication with it is unlikely. Tachikawa, Director of Nuclear Power Simple question. What’s its energy source? It needs an enormous amount of energy. Not just to move, but metabolically. Oxygen conversion in its digestive tractwouldn’t be enough. All that energy. Nuclear fission? Sense of humor, Ms. Ogashira? That’s impossible. Yokosuka Bay, Kanagawa Prefecture A US carrier is leaving port? We heard that Yokosuka City’s radiationmonitoring alarm went off. I’ll check with the Nuclear Regulation Authority. Monitoring Department, Nuclear Regulation Authority, Minato Ward I have orders not to go public yet. But radiation levels in the metro area have risen. Like a leak somewhere? A reactor?