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Nothing, just transporting some cartons of cigarettes. Why did you run? I didn’t see it was you. Anyway, it’s contraband. Gimme your keys. Your keys! What’re you doing? I’m cuffing you! Why? You’re being detained at customs. You’ve known me for years. You wouldn’t arrest me over some cartons of cigarettes? Cartons of cigarettes?! What’s that? Shit. Apparently cocaine, a large quantity. I swear I didn’t know. I didn’t check the trunk, but game Does your wife know, you’re trafficking? Absolutely not! I hadn’t the foggiest! My God, Jacques, what have you done? I didn’t know it was drugs. I swear, Irene. Every time he said cigarettes. This wasn’t the first trip? No, the fifth! Huh, kitten? Can’t you sidestep one from time to time? No? Sorry, my love. Mathias, Ruben, we couldn’t make ends meet without it. Are we risking prison? years and a few million in fines. This can’t be! Unless they cooperate. How’s that? If thanks to you we get the whole ring, you’d be considered as informants. Informants? Like we’d infiltrated them? Sort of, yeah. You’d be free up to trial, with a good defense, you’d get a suspended sentence and parole. Maybe jailtime for you, Jacques. No problem. We’ll cooperate. Agreed? Oh, yeah! I’ll take the whole rap. I don’t want Irene going to jail. That’s all I need! So, it all went well? Great! A-OK. Nothing to report. Super! What’s that? That’s game Nothing terrible. Just a fender bender, like they say. But I made a run for it and game no consequences. Rest assured, Mr. Duval, the entire drug haul is in the trunk. You know it’s drugs? No, I meant cigarettes. But, I must say, there’s an atmosphere of drug smuggling, here. So, it’s just a little slip of the tongue. You piece of shit! Gendarmerie! Police! Hands up! Hands up! Lemme see your hands! Drop that! Lemme go! Stop! Stop! Don’t move! Look at me! Jacques! Jacques, you all right? No, not really. Please, please game To the success of the first Franco-Belgian mobile unit! Tut-tut-tut game Belgo-French! Wonderful. Say, when did you start Super Ben 10 – Savage Pursuit