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Some people aren’t meant for that. The shine was starting to come off in a way. There was a period of time where journalists were welcomed with open arms because they’d seen what had happened in Libya and when that didn’t come about after a year, after year and a half, after two years, it’s just like, okay, what are you guys doing? You know I had a doctor tell me at the hospital that Jim helped raise money for an ambulance. He was like, “Look, you guys are in and out of here since one year, and it’s the same exact thing except it’s worse. I don’t wanna talk to you.” If the populace on the ground whose side you’re documenting is getting more uneasy with you, or less willing to help, you’re very dependent on the goodwill of the people you’re around. It’s just that moment of like, how well can you know anybody? Even say you know someone very well. Two years of war, three years of war, that’s going to change anybody. They warned journalists, they were like, Al Qaeda is coming, you know, maybe even worse than Al Qaeda is coming and nobody is going to help us against the Assad regime except for these guys. So it was all there. One of the main things I noticed the last time when he came out, he looked really hollow and he was quite silent. You know, he had like that amazing room-brightening smile even if he had seen terrible things, as one does. It was disheartening to see. Before he left for Syria, I think we made it a point, we were gonna bring him down to Nathaniel Hall district and go to the comedy club down there. The comedians were horrible, but like I was in the mood to laugh, so I’m just laughing at you know, anything. And I just remember looking at Jim and he was just dead faced. And then me and Jim went outside for a cigarette, like we always do, he said he had to go. We had a long hug, I remember I hugged him a really long time. Just like hugged him really tight. I said be careful. Obviously I didn’t feel like that was the last time I was gonna see him, but it was a good night… A good end of the night, you know?