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FRANCOIS: Yeah. Good. Knock him out. Let’s get the hell out of Dodge. Let’s go. XANDER [IN ENGLISH]: Leaving so soon, Mr. Taylor? [XANDER HOOTING] Over here. I’ll make this simple. Half a million for minutes of work. You have no one left. We know that you’re the last one standing on your side of the equation. Your best bet is to get back on your boat and travel on out of here. If you leave now without hurting anybody else game game I’ll let the police handle you. If you don’t game game I’ll come for you myself. Trust me, you’d prefer the police. [SHUDDERS] Bring that fire. I like this side of you, Henry. I know what you want game game and I’m not operating any dive. You’ve lost your mind. You’ve left nothing but bodies behind you tonight. Then you’ll want to listen closely game game when I tell you I have someone you want to keep safe. There’s somebody else on this island? What color was that canoe you found? Canoe? Yeah, what color was it? Silver and blue. XANDER: Yes, I have a woman who would like to speak to you. KAYLA: Henry? Kayla? KAYLA: You didn’t show up game game for our date, so I came down here. This man’s got a gun. He’s got a gun, Henry. XANDER: It’s true. Even though I hate them. Kayla, hang on. I’m coming for you. After you do your job, you can leave with the young lady. You have minutes. If you don’t come, well game game let’s not talk about negative. CLAY: You’re in no shape to take this guy. Come after me, but keep your distance. If you see an opportunity to move in, take it. Otherwise, keep your eyes on Kayla no matter what, okay? Forget that, man. I say we take this boat and get out of here. What about Kayla? It’s my fault that she’s even here. Another person you wanna leave behind. What is with you? I just wanna make a trade with this guy. Hopefully, he’ll let her go, you get her game game you find anything that floats, and you get out of here. Okay? Straight to the mainland, don’t look back. Find the police, tell them everything. Well, not everything. Okay, go, come on.