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As per articles of the Civil Procedural Code, the court denies Mr Sergeyev’s petition to revoke the ruling of the Zagorye District Court. That ruling is upheld, and Mr Sergeyev’s appeal is denied. The ruling shall come into effect forthwith. Well, shall we go? In a minute. Vadim, every time you come, all you do is worry about the election. It’s not for another year. In fair weather, prepare for foul. You do well to tend to worldly matters, but remember the divine. But I game Don’t I already? I know. You’re a most game charitable patron. Even today, you come from afar, bearing gifts. Have some fish. Right. I’m telling you, don’t worry so much. All power comes from God. As long as God wishes for it, you need not worry. And does He? Who can I ask if not you? You’re the priest! He does. Chase it with some food. Hello. Yes. Thank God, finally. Get Tyagunov’s guys on it. Why wait? Tear down that bastard’s ing place already! We’ve lost so much time because of him. How’s that your fault? Drop the excuses! OK, later. Lyosha, get my thing game from the glove compartment. Hey, Vasya. Let’s pay that ing arsehole game a visit real quick. The one at the bottom of the hill. Past the bridge? Yes. There are lots of arseholes at the bottom of hills. What? You trying to be smart now? It’s obvious that the prick wants this place so he can build himself a palace! Calm down. That’s enough. I built this place with my own hands! Here we go again. Kolya game Here. My whole life is here. My grandfather lived here. And my father game He’s seen it before. Stay out of this! Stop yelling! Kolya, calm down. Come on, Dima. Let’s have a drink. Here’s to you. All right. To everything you’ve done for us. If you say so, bro. Thank you. Thank you. What are you talking about? It’ll be fine. But that dirt of yours game Kolya, that’s not my ing dirt. It’s his. All I’m saying is, I don’t see a way to put your theory to work. Either way, they’re knocking this place down. We’ll buy that crappy apartment near Angela’s with that , roubles and kopecks