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Watergate dominated this convention because the Republican Party’s important youth arm was about to be taken over by Roger Stone, a -year-old political operative who was deeply involved in the Nixon “dirty tricks” campaign. [Paul Manafort] They embellished what was a -year-old kid’s role into being the mastermind of Watergate. Roger saw the opportunity to build a reputation off of being viewed as that politically significant. [reporter] Opponents of Stone contend that his election is part of a move by conservative activists to take over the Republican Party. [Manafort] When we elected Roger, we moved the Republican Party in a more ideological direction. Up until that point, it was straddling the old Republican establishment and the new conservative movement that was started in Barry Goldwater days. We built on that, and I think when Roger was elected chairman of the Young Republicans, you know, that was the piece that finalized everything. For many years, the Republican Party was associated with this sort of good guy, Eisenhower earnestness. What happened with the new right was there was a new generation of people who said, “You know what? We’re gonna fight dirty and we’re gonna win.” Among the revolutionary changes in American politics the past few years has been the rise of the political action committees, called PACs, fund-raising groups for special interests. [reporter] NCPAC, the National Conservative Political Action Committee based in Virginia, rich in money, and dedicated to doing in the nation’s liberals. Even, its director Terry Dolan says, if that means using the politics of fear. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with fear. [Stone] I met Terry Dolan when we were teenage Republicans together in Connecticut. [Ann] When we got married, Terry was our best man. But more than that, he actually ended up moving in with us. We used to refer to him as “the child.” It was on our living room floor that NCPAC was born. NCPAC, the National Conservative Political Action Committee, is transformative in the sense that we really pioneered negative campaign advertising in massive doses to win elections. Up to that time, it really hadn’t been done. I came to Washington for the Wall Street Journal in, um, the very end of . And Roger was already kind of a legend by then, kind of a dark legend, [chuckles] Because of the negative ads that he and NCPAC had run. So people thought of him as kind of a wizard behind the scenes. I remember meeting him on the street and thinking, “Wow, that’s Roger Stone.” [announcer on TV] Bayh telling us he’s fighting inflation. The price tag on that baloney is $ billion. Because if Bayh wins, you lose. The story of NCPAC is that after Watergate, there were campaign finance reforms to try to control the corruption in spending on politics. So what the Republicans did was, they figured out a way around the new rules. [Manafort] The focus of NCPAC was to use all the tools of a campaign, but instead of having a candidate, to use it through a PAC. [Stone] We could only give a Senate campaign, in a direct financial transfer of $,.