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Sorry. Now you have to hurry it up. We have one more job to do before we catch the plane. And that is mine, too! Oh, sorry. Penelope, one of these days your light-fingered habits are going to get you into deep trouble. Come on, now. Quick! God help us! Mmm! I didn’t know you went in for this kind of thing, Robert! Mmm, mmmm! Well, don’t struggle you’ll choke yourself. Mmm! Mm, mmm! Oh, that’s a nasty burn. You really ought to learn how to control your girlfriends, you know. Well, that was my foot, you know? Mmm! Mmmm! MMM! That’s interesting. Mm! Mmmm! That’s a time clock, you know? Mmm! Mmm! Beautifully made, too. Now. Here, let’s have this off you, hmm? That’s better. I don’t think I’ll ever forgive you for that. There’s ingratitude for you. After I’d saved your life. You didn’t. I died back there at five seconds to zero. Hmm. You don’t look too good. I’ll drop you at the hospital and pick you up in half an hour. Where are you going? To see a chap called Weston Games Games before he gets himself killed. Mr Weston, please. It’s very urgent. I’m sorry Mr Weston’s engaged. Oh! I say, that’s very rude! Eckman! No! Stay there! Oh..! Is this the way out? Y-yes. You’d better call the police. By the time I’d got downstairs they’d disappeared, of course. Well, they’re pretty smooth operators, that’s for sure. What happens now? Well, bed for you Games and you’d better tell me how to get in touch with that friend of yours. Which friend? Banjo, or whatever you call him. Pogo! What for? Well, we can’t have you gallivanting around the Mediterranean looking like that. You’ll scare the girls to death. Well, you can get in touch with him through the Embassy. Which Embassy? Akmata. Just say you have a message for King Fedra. Pogo? Well, that’s what we called him at Princeton. Tell me Games Games where were you going to pick this yacht up? A place called Games er Games Castellomale. That’s where Wyngarde was killed. All right, my boy, Castellomale it is. Would you enter, please? You are fortunate, sir. Very, very, very fortunate.