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I’m serious. Ryan, even if you’re right, would they really want to come back? How would you deal with the fact that you just ate your roommate’s lower intestine? Okay, okay. I wasn’t looking on that one. Please, Deb. Enjoy your life, zombies. DEB: I always knew this town was dead, but this is ridiculous. Cha-cha-cha! RYAN: How many miles does this boat get? Oh, you’re gonna bust on my car now? No, no, I was just thinking about when we need to fill up the gas again. No, no, I hear it in your voice. “Otis is offensive. Otis is unclean.” Do you know, like, what the emissions from this car actually do to the environment? I’m sorry, I must have missed that page in Ryan’s Guide To Being A Completely Perfect Humanoid. No, no! It’s not about being perfect. Clean energy is just the right thing to do. Energy is messy, okay. I mean, it’s really cute to eat organic millet and drive around in a hovercraft or whatever, but look around you, dude. We lost. We tried to save the planet and this is where it got us. God, you sound just like my dad. Really? The guy sounds awesome. What are you, adopted? That’s good. Nice one. That’s actually the family joke. My brother makes it all the time. SHE LAUGHS It’s a good one. Look, I’m sorry. My family is not a Hallmark card either. SHE SIGHS I remember every Fourth, my dad would bring us all up to the roof to watch fireworks over the eastern prom. And then, one year, around dusk, the guy’s nowhere to be found. So we go up to the roof and that’s when we saw him. He was lying there in the backyard, right by the barbecue. He almost looked like he was asleep. He was changing out the propane tank. It was the best cookout ever. That’s the end of the story? Mm-hm. That’s a ridiculous Games That was so strange. It’s all going one direction and then Games But that was a good memory. It’s not all like that. It’s a mixed bag. Okay, well, anyway, um Games My dad is pissed because I won’t work for the family business. Really? What’s wrong with it? It’s rated the most environmentally unsound business