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Super Card Keeper Yeah, me neither. None of us can sleep, especially with you two yapping. Billy, we gotta do something. Yeah, we can be cool and wait to be rescued. Anybody know morse code? With that light and a mirror, we could send signals back and forth. No, Billy! Nobody knows morse code. For Christ’s sakes. Well, we got the perfect number for poker. Anybody got a deck of cards? You can’t smoke in the dorms. What are they gonna do, kick me out? Shut up, you guys. Shut the door, go to sleep! Hey, Joey, shut the door. Shut the door. There’s one of them at the end of the hall. Yeah? So we make some noise and we get him in here. And then we jump him. Then what? Billy, he’s got a in’ machine gun. With a ing machine gun, we could shred these ers! Joey. This machine gun stuff must run in mafia families. You son of a bitch! Joey! Ow! Joey! Come on, man. That was a joke, okay? I’m your friend. I can call you a wop if I want to. Quiet. They’re crazy. Kiss and make up. I’m sorry. Just don’t call me a wop, all right? Sure. Is it okay if I call you an asshole? Sure. Asshole, dickhead. Whatever. face. All right, enough of this machine gun stuff, Joey. Oh, okay, mom. You think of a better idea. You wanna know what we should do? No. We need to find out everything about these guys who are holding us. How many there are, what kind of guns they have, all that stuff. Then we need to get that information to the outside world. Then they can get in and rescue us. It’s a very cool idea. Let’s do it. That sounds like a lot of effort for underachievers. The difference is, if the Dean catches you, he doesn’t kill you. Are you with me or not? What do you Of course we’re with you, man. But if you get us shot, we’re gonna be pissed. Parents of the hostages being held at the Regis school have been arriving all day Game And are being urged by F.B.I. Officials to stay at a local motel. We’ll try and talk with some of the parents. Excuse me. Jerry, come on, man. Bring that back. Now, gentlemen, this object I’m holding here is called some of you may have seen one of these before.