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-Let’s do it. -Let’s do it. Teresa, where are you going? I’m gonna take them somewhere. Can you wait for me in the front door, please? Sure. Give me a second. They must stay with the group. And you’d better be careful. I owe you one. Why are you here? You know you’re not welcome. Go away! Are you driving us out? You? When my son returns, you’ll be the one to be driven out! We all know which side your son fights on. On the fascists’ side! Leave it! I won’t sell you anything. No beetroots, no leeks, no carrots, no cauliflowers. Nothing! You’ll change your mind when ours come along, when it’s too late! -Are you sure? -Come on. What’s all that about then? Well, she supports the other side. Here, everybody knows everything about everyone. Yeah? We are kilometers away from the front. It’s about to break. The Spanish have asked us to attack with full force. They will retreat through the mountains, along that road. Franco wants to stop them here. He’d better make sure we get the ammo and the fuel we were promised. They must make sure our bills are paid. I’ve spoken with General Mola. He wants us to bomb all of the Basque factories. Really? His own factories? The Spanish don’t think about the future. Soon there will be no tomorrow for them. What is going on? We stopped his car. He was about to cross enemy lines. I took the wrong road. They pulled out all the traffic signs. Are you a spy? No! No, for God’s sake, I don’t know the area. I just Games I just wanted to meet with the journalist tour. Vasyl, I’m watching you. Show me what you can do. Please. Please, sir. I have two children. Have mercy. Have mercy. Teresa! What a joy! It’s been so long. This is Bego?a, my mother’s sister. The Coloma family isn’t as stuck up as my father’s one. Nice girl! This is Henry, Marco and Marta. -Foreign reporters. -Welcome. Look at you, you look exhausted. Auntie Games She doesn’t sleep. -She’s too sensitive for this job. -Stop it. It’s none of their business. Answering back, just like she did with her father. She said that when Teresa