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makes us, maybe me feel the best about where she’s at is that she’s acknowledging her own partial complicity in that. And it’s like, you’re creating it for yourself and you don’t even know what you’re doing anymore. And it’s kind of a feedback loop of the way people see you and you trying to live up to that image in some way that you can’t. Yeah, I think that’s what she takes away from Q, here at the end, is that this is something that she has, to an extent, cultivated and she has not game Yeah, she has, in that sense, been complicit in this process of being dehumanized, because there is an upside to it, right? Like, everyone thinks that you’re awesome is the upside to it, but the you that they think is awesome does not actually exist, so what are they thinking is awesome, exactly? Right. So here now we’ve taken major deviation from the book, I mean, obviously. Yes. With this being the end. They don’t find her in Agloe, she’s not game They leave. Yeah, they leave. She’s not as angry as she is in Agloe, there’s a lot of differences here. But what’s the same and what was important to me is that core feeling, that core realization that Margo is not a miracle, that Margo is a person. And that imagining her as a miracle has done a great disservice to Q and to Margo. And this was reshot. This is all game Yes, we did game game weeks later. So I mean, yeah. Months later. Look, it was a tough ending to get and it was always, from the beginning, the thing we talked about the most, was getting this moment right, and this whole end section right. And it was hard in the script phase and it was hard in the shooting phase. And we actually did shoot a different version of this ending and then this was four months later, as you said, a re-shoot of this whole stuff. And we just tried a lot of different things, it’s hard to get at because they do spend so much more time with each other in the book at the end than we’re able to do in a movie. It’s hard to honor all of those things. And I think eventually we got it right and