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Something must have happened to him. Please, can you help me? Come on. Thank you. [Buliegh on tape] I think that she might have been having with these boys. I wanted to help her. I wanted to pray with it. She kept talking to me. What are you doing? Buliegh. Listen to this. [Robert] Why would Angela need your prayers? [Buliegh] She kept. She kept talking about two boys. Guilty kind of talk. You see, because they took her to the cinema, and so. She wasn’t going to school. It was closed. We didn’t hear him. It wasn’t the school that was closed. Robert. We didn’t hear what he was giving us. Robert, who cares if he gets confused? It’s a diversion. [Buliegh] I wanted to help her. I. I saw the guilt. It’s a lie. You know, Joe, sometimes we make the mistake of confusing anger with caring. Maybe the most useful thing for us to investigate is ourselves. Yeah? Really? If anyone needs investigating round here, pal, it’s you. You should hear what people say about you. They call you loner, saddo, Obi-Wan. To pray with it.