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Janey upset. As far as she knows, her father is dead. I don’t want you saying no different. Sure. Come on, Muscatel. Get ready for bed. Shout me when you’re in. That wasn’t a hundred, Mama. I counted. Off you go. I’ll add them to tomorrow night. There’s some sacks in the shed and some clean straw in the rack. Should be a lamp there, too. Tomorrow we’ll talk about what you’re gonna do. Needs some thinking, what to put you to. Mama, I’m in. Coming, Janey. All right, see you in the morning. Don’t mind me asking, ma’am. How come you don’t have a dog? I noticed when we rode up there wasn’t one. Had one but it ran away. Never bothered to get another. Hm. Good night, ma’am. Welcome home, Harry. Yeah. Straw smells good. Beats sleeping on the ground. Hm. What do you think, Harry? You think you’ll stay? Harry’s turned in. Ha-ha. He’s so tired, he can’t see proper. By your leave, ma’am, I’ll just finish my smoke. Surely. What are you getting out of this, Mr Harris? Ma’am, if I wasn’t doing this, I’d be doing something else. You’ve more prospects in something else. Well, me and Harry, we rid around together a long time. He’s keen to try this for a while so I’ll just string along. Why did he come back? Just got tired of drifting around. He’ll go. Just a matter of time. Well, most things are, ma’am, one way or the other. Ask Mr Marshall at the store if that lead paint’s come yet. We can paint the house before winter comes. And don’t forget the jars for preserving fruit. And don’t forget my candy. Candy? You don’t eat candy, do you? Look there. It’s written down, candy for Janey. Huh? Ha-ha-ha-ha! Ha-ha-ha. Come on. Hey. Goodbye, Janey. Goodbye. Whoa. I’ll go on over the general store. You go set up the beers. Sounds like a reasonable division of labour. Go. Give me two beers. Hello there. You riding on through? No, sir, we picked up a job. You and somebody else? Yes, sir. We’re working for Miss Collings. Oh, both of you? Yes, sir, that’s right. Well, now, she’s really getting down to some serious business. She’s a fair woman to work for