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For a dead man, you’re making an awful lot of money. Well, even dead men have to live. Getting old, though. Only the clean trade interests me these days. Well, no more drugs or girls. A bank here. A train there. All good clean fun, and who misses it? The insurance companies. Not yours, though. Never yours. What’s on your mind? Old-fashioned murder. Who? When? Thanks. I don’t want anybody killed. I want to find a killer. Oh. Who’s been killed? Keller Games Games chap called Henry Bridgenorth, and Games Games David Wyngarde. David Games Games what? The David we knew in the army? Mmm. And tonight Games Games I received a box of cigars Games Games and a . slug inside each one of them, and Games Games a very neat firing mechanism. Yeah. Doesn’t ring a bell. I’ll have to check. I’ve got Hugh Drummond with me. We’re old buddies anything I have is his. He wants to know who killed a mutual friend, David Wyngarde Games Games old Henry Keller, and a Mr..? Bridgenorth. Bridgenorth. Yeah, also who sent him a box of cigars. Loaded ones. Yes, sir. We keep up-to-date records on everything. Well, we have to. Chicago, New York, Beirut, Hong Kong. Yeah, I’ve even go my own private hotwire to Moscow. And what we haven’t got on file, we can get by teletype the same day. Korea? You’re a sentimentalist, Boxer. Yeah. Digging that tunnel was the only honest work I ever did in my life. You were a lousy escaper. We escaped, didn’t we? Yeah? We have records of Keller and Bridgenorth. Both accidents, it says here. Nothing on Wyngarde at all. The cigars were bought from the Aldgate bomb specialists, by a bird. No information on the bird, except she was “a looker”. That’s it, Hughie boy. I’ll call you if I hear any more. Yeah. It sounds to me as if you’re up against a lone wolf. And that can be rough. Well, thanks a lot. And, er Games Games you stay alive, huh? You too, Hughie boy. Oh, er Games ask the, er, young lady to come down again, will you? The young lady. I think we were up to the back, darling. Ah, that’s it. What’s the matter?