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He’d come home without a toothbrush, just use whatever toothbrush was available. Jim could fall asleep anywhere. All he needed was just a little space on the floor. He was like a cat. This is a good one. Over time, you know, he slowly got rid of his apartment, sold his car. He just ended up really owning nothing. So, what he would want for Christmas, this last time before going to Syria, he wanted a tough pair of pants. He really did have less and less and it didn’t bother him at all because he seemed richer and richer. There was one day in August, one Syrian activist was taking us around this neighborhood called Bustan Al Kasa, and this fighter jet just started circling above and just swooped right down and hit a building that was a couple hundred feet from us. We started seeing the civilians coming out and just clutching nothing really, just ashen faces, there was rubble everywhere. It was chaos. And the plane came around again, dropped another bomb really close by and actually we were right across the building and we looked up and we can see the rubble start coming down. That bomb had hit a family of, uh… seven. Who was killed? Who? It was horrific in the scale of it, but also just… I think nothing prepares you for seeing kids being killed and maimed in that way, and I know that Jim really loves kids, so, you know, we were both just… We didn’t say anything until we got to the field hospital where they were bringing the bodies. And we were both just in this mode of just needing to get the pictures out. I think when we were finished that night though, we kinda like sat down, and lit a cigarette and we just started talking about it and really there wasn’t very much to say though, you know, like, what is there to talk about when you witness something like that? So we just sort of sat in silence. Nothing prepares you for that, like no amount of courses, nothing. You just go there and you’ll either handle it or you don’t. And that’s cool. Like either you run, or you stay. And there’s… Not one is better than the other, but just don’t delude yourself.