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he could march with shoes like that? Remember white trousers? I have a pair like those at home. It would be nice, wouldn’t it, Albert? Maybe we could go over to the delousing station. Why? You’ll be covered again in half an hour. I just feel so dirty. Hey! Keep your hands off her! She’s mine, all mine! What have these filthy-minded kraut heads been saying to you, Sweetheart? Come on, Schatzi, throw a little my way! You know, she looks a lot like the first one I ever had. Olga. Olga, my little peasant cow! Come on! You never had anything like that! Oh, no? See you later. Where you going? Sightseeing. What’s wrong with this sight? It’ll take weeks to get to the skin! Can I have a piece of that soap? How’s the water? Beautiful! Come on in! Hey! Look at that! Hello! Bonjour, bonjour! Jolies! Jolies! Somebody do something! Just don’t let them get away! Allo, Mademoiselles! Allo, Mademoiselles! Attendez, s’il vous plait! Tell them to come over. Er, yes, er.. Mademoiselle, you come over this side, oui? Ask them what they are doing tonight. Just tell them Leer’s free. Just don’t let them get away! Yes, alright? Yes, alright? We want to talk. Talk?! Parlez vous, Mademoiselles! Hey! Hey, wait a minute! Frauleins, I’amour, yes? You coming over, we have I’amour, yes? Oui, oui, oui. Don’t go! Yoo-hoo! Girls! Fraulein, bread, yes? You want bread? Look! Regardez! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum, yes? Bread! You come over here, oui? Vous! Venez! Ici! Maintenant! Oui! Oui! What did she say? No, they want us to come over to their side. We can’t. Sentries. You understand? Guards! Ce soir! Vous venez! Lá-bas! Nótre maison! They want us to come to their house tonight! Oui! Avec quelque chose a manger, oui? With something to eat! La maison lá! Maison! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bonjour! Bye! Bye! Drink up, Tjaden. It’s bad luck there’s four of us and three of them. Mm-hmm.. Bad luck. See, it’s just not fair to the girls. Drink up, Tjaden. How often do you get good French wine? Not fair to the girls. No. One of us will have to make the supreme sacrifice. Mmm?