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Ishida-kun Games Huh? “I’m glad.” “I thought” “the same thing as you.” “That is so strange.” Well.. Nishimiya, here it is. a bread. To feed carp. Feeding is fun? Oh, I was just reminded. Huh? Well Games Nishimiya Games had better not read it so much! Hey! wait, Nishimiya! Oh! She fell! What!? Something happened to Ishida-kun!? Hey! Hey, boy! Oops! Ishida-kun fell to the river! Why!? Ouch! Why you do so! Oops, what is this creepy thing!? Nishimiya. Nishimiya! Sorry for dropping the notebook. See you. Shoko, you so stupid Games Haha.. Stupid! Did you see this? Hey, isn’t this guy Ishida-kun? “See you again” Can I? Hey. This is Ishida-kun, isn’t it? This guy. What? What’s this. Ishida-kun, come to teachers’ room right now. “Notice of short-term suspension from school Shoya Ishida” “I am very sorry that I jumped into Suimon River from a bridge, where it was prohibited to do so, and.. I also uploaded that photo to the web.. ” Hey, Shoya. What? Sorry but could you pick Maria back from the nursery? I’m in school suspension term and prohibited to go out. It would be ok if you do it quickly. Please!! H..hey!! Maria, let’s go home now! Sho-tan! Someone is there! Ouch! Hey. Hey, are you ok? Aren’t you Nishimiya’s boyfriend? You’ll catch a cold. Huh? Oh, you a rat. What are you doing here? Shoes? Games Why don’t you get angry with me? What? I am the person who uploaded the photo. Oh, you did it. I got it. I am relieved to hear that. Why? I would know the reason why. Be mad with me. I cannot. Originally I am to be blamed. Sho-tan! I am hungry! Ok! Then I’ll go home. You go home, too. Haha, you have a kid. Ouch! It’s not mine, my sis’s. Hey! Hi Yuzuru-chan, Please eat enough! How about sis? She’ll work late today. Maria, isn’t it too hot? No, it’s good! Yuzuru-kun, why don’t you eat? Hi, Yuzuru-kun! Please! Crap Games Huh? What’s the matter with you. I was worried as you disappeared in the night. Hi, umbrella. O–oh! Anyway, use it! Well, please use it now. Thank you. Well, excuse me. I knew that. I’ll give you these. This was mine, but I won’t use them anymore. I’ll give you. Why you ran away home? I had an argument with Shoko. Oh.. That’s a kind of typical event for long-lasting couple, isn’t it? Yes. like that I used Shoko’s shampoo without her permission. I see Games I was said she doesn’t need me. Hey, you live together with her!? Use your umbrella for you. You have only one, don’t you? I am to be blamed as I brought only one umbrella. I don’t want Nishimiya’s boyfriend get wet and sick. Hey you. What kind of a man you intend to be? A hypocrite? What!? You feel pleasure taking care of a poor stray cat? Or you make fun of doing it. And you also made fun of her disability of hearing, I knew. Hey. Then, now you learned sign language huh? What’s this? Do you think you have changed to be a good person? You are disgusting. I see. It’s natural you know what I did, hearing from Nishimiya. Yes. You are right. I’m the worst human being. I’m the one who don’t worth living. But, at least, I thought I didn’t want Nishimiya to cry again.