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Super Doggy 2 Then give me some oldFashioned journalism in The Standard. Yes, sir. Get me the city hospital. Sorry I’m late. You like it? It’s the best looking front page in town. As usual. The makeup game Thank you. The cartoon, the editorial under the name of Garrison. Yours? Mmhmm. It’s wonderful. As usual. And how are we? Are we as usual? Maybe the heirs will sit up and take notice. Of us? They won’t sell the paper. Not now. Not in the middle of a fight like this. It would be like endorsing Rienzi. It’s a wonderful dress for dinner. You look much better than you did last night. How do you feel? Amorous. Good evening, Mrs. Hutcheson. Evening. Mr. Hutcheson. Your table’s ready, sir. Will you order now? An appetizer first perhaps? Oh, no, thank you. I have mine. Oh, just steak for me. Telephone, Mr. Hutcheson. Tell ’em I’m feeding. They said it’s important. Urgent, dear. As usual. Keep calling her Mrs. Hutcheson. Yes, sir. Uh, Mrs. Hutcheson. Yes? This is Willebrandt. I’m at the city morgue. The place where little girls check their fur coats. The dead nude? What about her? Well, her mother showed up to identify her this afternoon. Is a Mrs. Schmidt. That’s the girl’s name, Bessie Schmidt. But she also used the name Sally Gardiner. Why bother me? Write it. Well, what I wanted to know is this. Now, Allen thought I ought to check with you first, but uh, This Mrs. Schmidt knows a lot more than she’s telling. No. No, but I thought maybe if you talked to her, you could get game Let’s not be dramatic, Mrs. Willebrandt. No, no, no, I can’t. You handle it. Her name’s Fifi. She made a pass at me in the cloakroom. It’s a way I have with women. I’m getting married again, Ed. That’s right. I’m giving it to you straight and fast. You don’t know the man. Hehe’s my boss at the advertising agency. First me, now another boss. It’s getting to be a habit with you, isn’t it? I’d like you to meet him. Compare notes, you mean? Thanks, I know enough people already. His name is Lewis Shafer. I don’t want to know anything about him. I told him all about you.