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Perhaps you’d like to retire too. Borodin! A lump in the throat a pressure around the neck. You may go! And every traitor and conspirator at this table can go! All of you clear out! Only the two of us, little Catherine. Chuckles just an intimate little dinner. Just like old times, huh? Was it six months ago? Or was it years ago? Chuckles Don’t be afraid, little Catherine. You love me don’t you? You haven’t plotted against me have you? You wouldn’t betray me would you? Poor little Catherine should be sent to a nunnery and her pretty little head will be all shaved. And they’ll put her in a small, stony cell. No laughter no sunshine no kisses. just bread and water and prayers or curses for as long as she lives. The time has come for you to give the word. We can’t wait another minute. Can a man Iove a woman like me, Orlov? We can’t wait another minute. We have to fight or die. Can a man love a woman like me, Orlov? From the first moment I saw you, I loved you. Didn’t you know that? Thank you, Orlov. Now we have no time to lose. Tell me your plans. Here are the barracks of the Ismailovsky regiment ours. There’s the Holstein regiment. It has not yet been won over. Our first aim, therefore, should be to talk to them. We talk to nobody. If the Ismailovsky regiment is ours, we have a weapon in our hand. If the Holstein regiment refuses to come with us, we’ll fight them. Yes, Your Majesty. I’ll go at once and report as soon as I can. I’m coming with you. Yes, Your Majesty. What’s this cross? There will be a group of absolutely faithful officers. They will cover your escape if we fail. Fail? Better not think of that. Better send these officers at once to reinforce the palace guard. Yes, Your Majesty. And it will be their duty to arrest the czar at dawn. To arrest the czar. Naturally. What will happen to him? What will happen to him? Not a hair of his head must be touched. He must be rendered harmless, Your Majesty. I know. He must be arrested and taken to a safe place where he can be watched. Later we can send him to Sweden