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China, Russia, Iran. And they’ll come as SQL injections and malware. Without minds like yours, this country will be torn apart in cyberspace. I don’t wanna risk losing you for some horse war over sand and oil. Sir, I’m surprised to hear you say that. You don’t have to agree with your politicians to be a patriot. Sir, where are you sending me? Take a moment. Enjoy the view. HONG KONG TUESDAY June , This is Laura. Hello. Hello, nice to meet you. Ewen MacAskill from the Guardian. It’s nice to meet you. Nice to meet you, too. Um, if you don’t mind, I’d like to record some Radio Ah. Cell phones go in the microwave. Dare I ask why? We’ll get to that after you ask your questions. Before we get on to the story, I need to know more about you. Like, your career, by a glance account, is very varied, but the Guardian needs evidence Radio Yeah, this is my diplomatic passport for friendly countries. My tourist passports for everywhere else. You can check the visa stamps. My NSA badge with Booz Allen. My CIA badge with Dell. And this is my DIA instructor’s badge. This is a photo of me with Michael Hayden, the former head of the NSA and the CIA. When can you publish? Okay, um, do you mind if I sit down? No, please. Glenn says, you want to tell people your identity. How do you think your goverment’s going to react? Well, they’ll charge me under the espionage act. And they’ll say I endangered national security. They’ll demonize me, and my friends and family. And they’ll throw me in jail. That’s the best case scenario. And the worst? Well, if I don’t have any media cover, then I’ll be rendered by the CIA and interrogated outside of the law. They have a station right up the street. But how would they know what you did? Because I left a digital footprint in my logs. So they’ll figure it out. I did not want a manhunt. I know what they would do to my colleagues. Look, Mr. MacAskill, this is not about money or anything for me. There’s no hidden agenda. I just wanted to get this data to established journalists like yourselves so that you