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Dora Train ride Joergen Persson? He just waltzed right in. I thought you knew him. Hey there, Halbo. How’s the work coming along? Do we know each other? Joergen Persson, JP Construction. What can I do for you? Rumor has it that you mean to make a bid for the new senior homes. And how does that concern you? It concerns me a great deal. You took the dormitory contract. If you want the senior homes, too, we need to get a few things straight. What’s this? It’s the tender Halbo Electrical & Plumbing will be submitting. We’ve done all the work for you. All you need to do is sign it and submit it. It doesn’t get much easier than that. My company will make an offer of . million for the contract. And we will win that contract, Halbo. It’s only fair. You stole the other one from right under my nose. . million? That’s overcharging them million. No shit? Well, how about that? That’s illegal. No one will ever know. We sign the tenders ourselves. There is no evidence. If you join us, you’ve got great opportunities waiting for you. You’re no idiot. You want to play with the big boys, sometimes you scrape your knee. Do we have a deal? I’ll think about it. You haven’t got a choice, Halbo. So, have you made a decision? I’d like to go back to school. Therapy of some sort. But I don’t know. I’m not going to be a nurse again. It’s been too many years. I just don’t know. When is dinner ready? Maybe we should get started. Let’s wait a bit. But I’m hungry. I’ll try calling him again. Sorry I’m late. Yeah, I know. Daddy! Hi, honey. Hi, Mum. Hi, babe. Are you okay? Where’s the old man? Hello, Lars. How do you like having him around the house all the time? He’s like a lion in a cage. But as long as he doesn’t eat me Game You need to keep yourself busy. How about playing some golf? Guys your age are crazy about it. And you need the exercise. You won’t be seeing me prancing around some upperclass bozos. Have you seen those loafers with the tassels they wear? Willy is thinking about joining this birdwatching thing. The Danish Ornithology Society. They do a lot of excursions.