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Look what she’s done! Idiot! What did you say? Idiot? Relax, relax! Enough of this! Open the door! The police! It’s them. What’ll we do? Nothing. On the window. Understand? On the window! Open up! What is it? The police. You mustn’t be found here. You’d have problems! A record, understand? Come, we’ll fix things. Above all, don’t panic! Take this, come here. Take your bag. Take this. I’ll explain later. If they ask anything Games You’re the th-floor maid, okay? But why? Go over there. Watch out! The maid of the fourth-floor, okay? Go on, run! Bah, open up! One can’t sleep In peace here anymore, huh? It’s me again. Yes, us again. Please come in. You’re not in the way. Come in! It’s three months since the fuzz came, and no one knows you were with us-. I’ve always been nice with you! You, nice!? Yes, me. Dora and I withstood the police. And you escaped thanks to me! With packets! With packets, yes-. And the policed still be very interested to know you were with us that night. And to know what I’ve been dropping off since then? Your packets of Games cigarettes. I think so! If I tell them? I also think you won’t tell them. Because? Because you’re not the sort who betrays. And that’s why Games you’ll go find the man who’ll be sitting tonight In the bistro across the street reading a Spanish newspaper La Publicitat and you’ll give him what I’m going to give you. No. This is the last lime. You’ve sand that for three months. Will you go? No. You have the money? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven. That’s all. Can I go? One moment, chuck! Here, francs. I don’t want it. Open, it’s Victor. What are you doing here? The premiere’s done and no one cares! I don’t want any of that In the men’s dressing room. Cannabis’s bothering you? If he bothers you, just tell me. I’ll see him tomorrow. Hurry, you in there. No more chatting! Will she go? Of course, I have her in hand. To hear you, you have all women In hand, but it’s not so sure! What if she doesn’t play along tonight? She worries me. She used to be a good girl, before.