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is a burnout process, every thing on board is thinking too hard. Why? Computer, display these failures over time. Processing timeline. Cascades. It started years ago, power surge. failures on day. Including hibernation pod . That’s me. Woke me up. What happened that day? Something big. A major system went down somewhere. Everything else on board is trying to pick up the load but the load’s too heavy. Whatever started this we got to find it. And fix it. How bad can this get? Give me a risk analysis based on this data. Extrapolating. Emission critical failure is imminent. Failing systems: Life support. Fusion reactor. So we’re stranded Radio Ion drive. on a sinking ship. Main Engineering. Not a lot of things big enough to hit this ship that hard. With diagnostics out, we’ll have to find it ourselves. Where do we start? Gus! Scan complete. Analyzing data. DISORDERS FOUND What does it say is wrong with me? It’s a few things. disorders found. Get me out of here. What’s the prognosis? Critical diagnosis cannot be discussed without a doctor or a dentist. Override on my authority, I.D. . Lay it on me, doc. Pan-systemic necrosis. Progressive organ failure. Cause unknown. My goofy hibernation pod, that’s the cause. What’s the treatment? Various treatment impossible. None will unmeaningly extend the patient’s life. How long have I got? Your end of life transition is already under way. These sedatives will alleviate your suffering during these final hours. Gus? I need a minute. We are experiencing difficulties in flight. Gus! Gus! Where can he be? For your own safety, please return to your cabins. For your own safety, please return to your cabins. , the damn pills. I’ll go get them. No, stay. Sit down. You two take care of each other. My I.D.. Get you where you need to go. Fix the ship. Find out what’s wrong with her. How do I look? You look magnificent. Ladies love a dressed man. What do we do now? This can’t be good. I’m going back to Engineering. Can you fix this? I need your help. Let’s go! Arthur! Let’s go! Main Engineering.