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I think that we haven’t met. I don’t know any detective. You gave me the sketch of a man. You wanted me to search for him. Do you remember? Man.. sketch.. you must be under some misconception. Because.. We haven’t met ever.. No, madam. You are my first client”. ..who gave me the full amount before the work was done. I really mean.. If you have some problem, or if you are committing some mistake.. Because I never needed a detective till today. And.. excuse me. She speaks too. Good morning, madam. Hi. Someone is waiting for you in the cabin. Thank you. Okay. Hi. Can I help you? Yes, you can. I am Wong, special officer from crime branch. Oh. Pleased to meet you. Have you seen this woman before? Yes. She used to work in the office in which my husband used to. Can you tell me about this earring? This earring is just like the one I have worn. This was given to me by my sister. ls there something special, officer? Where were you on the th of August? Fifth August? I will see. Just a minute. Yes. I was at the restaurant of Carlton House. With my client, on a dinner meeting. I had done this booking myself. But what is the matter? Why are asking so many questions? On the night of the fifth of August.. ..between ten and twelve, someone killed Diana. We got this earring from her house. Can you tell me something about your sister? My sister? My sister is deaf and dumb, officer.. ..and very less she frequents out. Look, you cannot leave this city without informing us. If at all you get any information.. ..then do contact us on this number. Sure. Okay. Bye. Good bye. I’m Raman Sinha. The detective. Don’t you remember? You gave me the sketch of a boy.. ..and you told me to search him. Do you remember now? I knew you would never believe me. But, my every word is true. Someday, the truth will come out in the open and then.. I am Wong, special officer from crime branch, Bangkok. Can you tell me something about this? So, you’ve come to know about everything? Ria.. Ria, you can speak? You can really speak? For this.. I waited for this