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There’s almost no light left. Will this guy hurry a bit? What the ‘s he taking so long? This one’s always late. Odd, he’s certainly not come out? No, I’d have seen him. It’s not normal! Is someone still up there? Is someone still up there? Here, I’m coming. Don’t tum off the light. Hey, up there! Shake a leg! Okay, okay, I’m coming. So, you’re done? I’m coming, I’m coming. We’d have done better to take a taxi. I don’t mind the rain. I love going home on foot no matter the weather. Besides, I don’t often have the chance to breathe. Just think, since I’m in Paris, I’ve gone to the Bois de Boulogne just three times. Oh, the Bois de Boulogne, that’s nothing! If you want, I’ve better to offer you? What? A walk in the country. An hour’s ride, farm at the end. That’d give you a change of air. Want me to come meet you on a Saturday afternoon? I can’t. I play Thursday, Saturday, Sunday matinée. Oh, that’s annoying because I Games I mean, my boss Games only gives me Saturday afternoon off. Ah, a walk in the country! With complete honor, of course. That is a nice word! First time I’ve heard it since I’m in Paris. Too bad, because just the same, a walk in the country Games Oh, of course, not in weather like this. So tell me, you agree? I’ll come gel you tomorrow morning? Oh! rotten Games Fire at the Empyrée-Montmartre, rue du Palace. Suspected criminal escapes police. A fire destroyed part of the equipment at the Empyrée-Montmarlre. Due to repairs the management’s hastening to complete, performances won’t resume till next Tuesday evening. Oh, that’s terrible! No, it’s not terrible. It’ll let you spend more time in the fresh air. Which you really need. Look what weather we have! Everything’s already in flower! It’s the real spring. Yes, but I have to get back there. Why? I’ve my half-month pay to pick up. I have to show up this evening. I’ll take you back this evening. But don’t think more about it, okay? Here. We’ve arrived. Go look around the property. I’ll catch you up and show you where the fresh eggs come from. Oh, you’re handsome!