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Dad, it’s Caleb! Stop! It’s me! Put the gun down! Stop shooting the in’ gun! Are you okay? Ye , ye , I’m fine. Why were you in the trees just now? What happened to your lip? Hey, Donald. Were you hit? No, no, I’m fine. I think you caught a little bit of the Lang’s chicken coop, though. Actually, that’s a pretty good range on the, uh, what is that, your.? Ye , not bad. Ye , pretty good. Are you losing your hair? No. I don’t know. Well, maybe a little. Ye , well, you couldn’t blame me for that. You know, you get that from the mother’s side. Okay. Wait, Caleb. Why were you in the trees just now? Oh, uh, just, uh game I was just taking some pictures. Trespass on my property again, I will shoot you. Better work on your aim then. I think you really, really freaked Dad out. Like, you guys go eight years without speaking to one another, and then you just appear, literally, out of a puff of smoke in the backyard. I mean, dad could have killed you. Maybe the single most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. I’m going to the restroom. Don’t eat my fries. I won’t. What are you doing? What do you mean? I know you’re taking pictures of me, Caleb. Okay, I know what you’re thinking, and you’re wrong. I don’t have feelings for you. I don’t even like you that much, if you want to know the truth. I don’t understand this. You’re-you’re semi-normal one second, and the next second, you’re a complete lunatic. I barely even know you, Caleb. What do you think about me now that I said that I don’t like you? I don’t know. I don’t know. You-just stop, okay? Okay. Please, just stop it. Okay. It’s just weird. I know it’s weird. I don’t want to have to discuss this with Peter. Oh, well, you’re not gonna do that. I will if I have to. No, you won’t. What-what do you- what do you want from this? Just don’t break his heart. That’s all. You’re so beautiful. Don’t break his heart, please. I think that you need help. Stop it! Stop! I started sleeping again since we started, uh, conversing. I’ve been able to sleep. I can’t explain it. Oh,